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You need a rigorous, user-friendly online curriculum. Students deserve courses that are engaging and relevant to them. FlipSwitch has the simple solution.

Introducing StrongMind—an online curriculum that brings rigor, alignment, learning and fun into one digital educational product. With over 15 years of working directly with students and teachers in the online modality, we know what works. Whether you’re looking for credit recovery or instructor-led online courses, StrongMind is your source for student academic growth.

Student Focused

When Students Enjoy It, They Stick With It

Students are not going to spend the necessary time in their online coursework if they are bored. You are simply going to lose them.

We have quantifiable data that shows the longer students interact with the content, the better they perform. That’s why StrongMind curriculum is raising the bar for content and media. We have collaborative teams of subject matter experts, instructional designers, curriculum developers, graphic designers, videographers, illustrators and animators to make every lesson engaging and relevant to the students. Because when students enjoy their learning, it creates strong minds.

Digital Learning Brought to Life

When students launch our courses, they jump for joy. OK, maybe they don’t actually cheer, but they do become a lot more engaged with our exciting and immersive curriculum.

Within each StrongMind course is a vast array of multimedia, gaming and interactive content to grasp students’ interests and keep them engaged. No matter the learning style, we have the appropriate multimedia intergrated to bring digital curriculum to life. Students will be fully immersed, and their academic progress will prove it.

Experience The Full Comic

Teacher Friendly

Extremely Easy To Use. Seriously.

At FlipSwitch, we understand that a quality user experience is essential for student success. For the past 15 years, we’ve worked directly with thousands of students and teachers, collecting their feedback as we enhance our features and products. StrongMind is created in a way that works for both the students and the instructors because, in essence, they helped design it.

With such a user-friendly platform developed with the latest technologies, implementation and training is quick and simple. Plus, our customer service team will be there with you every step of the way to make sure you’re ready to go.

Customization. For Real.

Nobody wants to teach a canned course. Effective educators need to be able to personalize their instruction to best reach their students. StrongMind courses provide a fresh approach to online education with customizing capabilities:

  • Add and Remove Content
  • Create Assessments
  • Build Custom Projects
  • And Much More

With all these options, our curriculum becomes your curriculum, so it can be exactly what you want.

Fully Aligned

Not Just Aligned. Backward Designed.

We know what you’re thinking. Every curriculum provider claims to be fully aligned, and they hardly ever are. But as you may have already noticed, FlipSwitch is different.

Using our enhanced method of Backward Design and proven pedagogies, our curriculum developers unpack Common Core, national and state standards to Development Objectives (DOs) and create Learning Objectives (LOs). From there, all content and assessment questions are crafted to fit LOs, making our content both fully aligned and rigorous.

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Authentic Assessments, Tailored to Each Grade Level

Because we believe in real-world application, we provide authentic assessments to ensure students have the skills and knowledge they need to be successful. Formative and summative assessments with fair, valid and reliable questions developed at the appropriate Depth of Knowledge (DoK) are used to provide reliable data on student performance.

What’s more, all of our end-of-course assessments are psychometrically sound and use third-party assessment banks. That means StrongMind assessments are not just testing on the content we provide, but are preparing students for high-stakes exams.

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StrongMind offers credit recovery and instructor-led online courses for grades 6–12. Whether you’re looking to get students back on track to graduate or you simply want an online course offering in your schools, StrongMind digital learning is the only product that will exceed your expectations.

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